Do I get a receipt when I order online?

When you place your order and your money has come through you will get an order confirmation email. This email will give you a summary of your purchase as well as providing you with an Order Number. This number will act as your receipt and this is what will be used to prove you made a purchase should you have any queries about your purchase at a later date.

How Long do I have to wait for my Delivery?

All orders placed beforeĀ are delivered the next working day by DPD couriers.

Will my phone work abroad?

All our phones are SIM Free which means that they will work all over the world.

What about taxes?

All prices include all taxes and delivery related charges its all in price!

What does SIM Free mean?

When a phone is SIM Free it means that it’s not tied to any network. This means that you can put any sim card into the phone.

How much for Delivery?

All orders are shipped at 7.50 euros.