Battery life is easily the 3310 standout feature. The box promises just under a month of standby time, and about six hours of talk. In reality, we found you could comfortably go about a week between recharges, although this will vary depending on exactly how much time you spend making phone calls.

A battery that’s measured in days rather than hours is nonetheless impressive in 2017, but admittedly, much of the 3310 3G’s longevity can be chalked up to its minimalist approach to functionality.

Performance is also solid; the 3310 is quick to jump between apps, with almost no load time for anything but Snake and the camera. It’s exactly what you want from a basic phone. And yes, Snake is still pretty fun.

The 3310 can be a pretty decent MP3 player, but you will need to bring your own microSD card; out of the box, the phone has roughly 32MB of free storage. A single song took up half of the available space. While the 3310 might not hold a candle to the latest and greatest flagships, it does have one feature missing from the likes of the iPhone X and Pixel 2: a headphone jack.