Why buy a Galaxy S21 Plus when you could go for the cheaper Galaxy S21, or the all-singing, all-dancing, Galaxy S21 Ultra? It’s a fair question, and it’s one that has a simple answer: buy the S21 Plus if you’re after a phone with a larger screen and battery than the Galaxy S21, but don’t need all the bells and whistles – mostly photographic – of the Ultra.

Samsung has now established the Ultra versions of its Galaxy S flagships as the devices to buy if you want all the latest and greatest tech that the Korean electronics giant can offer, which leaves the Galaxy S21 Plus, with the extra money you’re paying over the ‘standard’ S21 getting you little more than a larger screen and a more powerful battery.

And, strange as it may seem, you’re actually getting some inferior specifications with this year’s S21 Plus compared to last year’s Galaxy S20 Plus. While the 6.7-inch screen here is significantly bigger than the 6.2-inch display on the S21, it’s no longer QHD+ resolution, with Samsung dropping to Full HD+ for both this handset and the S21.

However, we’ve found this isn’t a major issue, as when we’re talking about screens of this size the higher resolution isn’t particularly noticeable. This is still a phone with an awesome, bright AMOLED screen, which also offers a smart dynamic refresh rate of up to 120Hz.

There’s also no microSD card support on the Samsung Galaxy S21 range, which is something that may put off those who value having the option to add to their phone’s built-in storage.

On the camera side, essentially nothing has changed since last year, but that isn’t a problem if you’re upgrading from an older phone than one of the Galaxy S20 range. You’re getting an ultra-wide and main camera that are both 12MP, plus a 64MP zoom lens.

It’s a great camera array, and we’ve ranked both this and the Galaxy S21, which has the same setup, among our very best camera phones, but you won’t need to upgrade to the S21 Plus for the photography experience if you already own the S20 Plus; and if you also want the absolute-best camera phone from Samsung, you’ll be looking at the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

There are plenty of rumours already about the Samsung Galaxy S22 as well, although there’s no confirmation of a release date just yet.

Overall, then, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus is designed for those who want the same mix of affordability and features that the Galaxy S21 offers, but in a larger package. It’s not for those who want the very best from Samsung, but if you need a larger screen than the Galaxy S21 then you’ll enjoy this handset.